Captioning and COVID-19

Captioning and COVID-19

From the Chair

As the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to impact everyone around the globe, we hope you’re all staying safe, healthy and taking all necessary steps. In the last few days, there has been an immediate impact and tremendous increase in requests for remote captioning, with many onsite conferences or meetings now occurring online. As captioners, we need to be flexible and able to accommodate these requests.

Consumers of captioning have always counted on trained and experienced captioners and caption providers to provide high-quality realtime captioning. If you are a captioner or caption provider but not yet trained on how to caption to various remote platforms, we encourage you to visit the platform websites, some of which are listed below. Take the initiative now – read up, test and practice so you become proficient with these platforms!

Here is a partial list of remote captioning platforms. Some of these platforms are also offering free training.
Adobe Connect
Blackboard Collaborate

Don’t forget that there are many experienced captioners who offer online training. Now is the time to research those trainers and invest the time and money to learn a new platform.

Be safe and stay well!
Steve Clark, Chair