About Us

Our Vision: Universal Accessibility to the spoken word via all forms of captioning.

Our Mission: To be the leading professional authority on speech-to-text captioning, representing all captioners, consumers, and industry.


Fulfilling our vision and mission is why we exist. There is no other organization on the planet whose mission is to be the authority on every aspect of captioning. The Global Alliance exists to represent all captioners, regardless of how they produce captions or how their captions are used; all consumers, regardless of where they use captions and how; and all industry, regardless of size, history, or location.


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The Global Alliance recognizes the importance and value of all captioners, consumers, and industry professionals.

CAPTIONERS: As a captioner, you want to ensure your professional interests are represented.

CONSUMERS & INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS: Consumers are vital members as they provide direct feedback that helps the Global Alliance set and refine its standards.


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