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NER-Certified speech-to-text provider (NCSP)

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The NER-Certified Speech-To-Text Provider (NCSP) is the Global Alliance’s Level 1 skills test.

The NER model is a method for determining the quality of live captions. Unlike Word Error (WER), which is a simple measurement of words spoken versus how many of them are transcribed correctly, NER places emphasis on meaning and, more specifically, on idea units and how accurately they are captured in the captions. Committee members and Task Force members have met since 2020 to determine the best and most accurate way to assess accuracy of live captions, and the NER model was chosen. The NER is used internationally to assess the accuracy of live broadcast captions. It is also used by many captioning companies globally to assess the accuracy of live CART (communication access realtime translation) captions.

To register for NCSP certification, complete this form  and we will contact you with the next steps. Have questions? Check out the NCSP FAQs page or contact us at


Any Global Alliance member is eligible to sit for the NCSP. Anyone who is not a Global Alliance member but would like to sit for the NCSP can register and will become a member upon registration.

The NCSP is open to all methods of live captioning.

Assessment Fee

$300 USD, Global Alliance individual members
$495 USD, non-Global Alliance individual members (membership is active upon registration)
$300 USD, non-Global Alliance company service provider, plus company service provider variable membership rate (membership is active upon registration)

Certification Testing Process 

The NCSP is administered online, using Zoom and The test candidate must have a account and a laptop with a camera and microphone. The test candidate will be provided a Zoom link by the proctor.

The test consists of a ten-minute clip from an actual motivational speech and one-on-one interview with the presenter. During the clip the speed varies, there is the need for parenthetical information to be added by the captioner, and there is some slang used.

Before beginning the assessment, the proctor will have the test candidate verify identity (government-issued ID or passport). A one-minute clip from the same motivational speech is played to allow the test candidate to get a feel for the speaker and his style and to make any adjustments to audio and other computer settings.

Upon completion, the proctor will save the realtime transcript directly from

The NCSP certificate is valid for one year. Upon attestation of continuing to provide realtime captioning services at a minimum of 10 hours per month, and maintaining good membership status in the Global Alliance, a renewal certificate will be sent annually. After four years, the certificate holder must retest to maintain NCSP certification.

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