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Global Alliance initiatives are supported and lead by a number of committees. Committees are composed of Global Alliance members and Board members. Members with an interest in serving on a committee are invited to contact info@speechtotextcaptioning.org.


 Member Name  Captioning Method  State/Country  Term 
Victoria (Tori) Pittman
Voice North Carolina, USA  2022-23

Tom Brown (Chair)

Firm OwnerCalifornia, USA  2022-23
The committee shall review existing bylaws and policies and procedures and suggest revisions, updates, or additions as necessary. The committee shall maintain and update a record of Policy and Procedure decisions made by the Board.


 Member Name  Captioning Method  State/Country  Term 
Ronald Drach Consumer/Advocate Maryland USA 2022-23
Sue Sanossian (Chair) Voice, Steno Australia  2022-23

Katie Wright

Consumer/Advocate California, USA2022-23

The committee shall create and implement programs to recruit new members and retain existing members. Additionally, the committee shall engage existing and lapsed members, both to survey member satisfaction and to encourage membership renewal.


 Member Name  Captioning Method  State/Country  Term
 Steve Clark (Chair)StenoDistrict of Columbia, USA2022-23
Ronald DrachConsumer/AdvocateMaryland USA2022-23
Kate ErvinTypeWell Arizona, USA2022-23

The committee shall develop the slate of candidates for each Board of Directors election. They shall solicit for nominees from the Directors and the general membership, as well as review them and make recommendations as appropriate. 


 Member Name  Captioning Method  State/Country  Term 
Jessica AielloConsumer/AdvocateMaryland, USA2022-23
Karyn MenckStenoTennessee, USA2022-23
Rip WilsonConsumer/AdvocateTexas, USA2022-23
Michele Michaels Consumer/AdvocateArizona, USA2022-23
The committee shall develop and foster strategic partnership relations with other captioning industry or Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing related nonprofits and professional associations. The committee shall recruit financial backing such as sponsorship or grants. Additionally, the committee shall manage the organization's annual fundraising activities.


 Member Name  Captioning Method  State/Country  Term 
Steve Clark (Chair) Steno District of Columbia, USA 2021-22
Chris Ales (Chair)Voice WriterMichigan, USA 2021-22
Pablo Romero-Fresco Advocate Spain 2021-22
Deanna BakerSteno Arizona, USA 2021-22
Ken Frommert ASR Michigan, USA 2021-22
Joshua Foley StenoArgentina  2021-22
Lukasz Dutka Voice Poland 2021-22
Kate ErvinTypeWell Arizona, USA 2021-22
The committee shall administer the NCSP test to captioners, allowing them to earn certification and recognition for their skills. The committee shall explore and update or create new tests and/or certifications or certification levels as deemed necessary to further the goals of the organization. The committee also shall recruit and train test administrators and evaluators as necessary.


 Member Name Captioning/Method State/Country Term
 Jen Schuck Steno  Arizona, USA 2022-23
 Michele MichaelsConsumer/AdvocateArizona, USA 2022-23
 Angie Fugo (Co-Chair)Consumer/AdvocatePennsylvania, USA 2022-23
 Shannon TyreeConsumer/AdvocateArizona, USA2022-23
 Ron DrachConsumer/AdvocateDistrict of Columbia, USA 2022-23
 Sebrina CrosbyStenoAlabama, USA 2022-23
 Jennifer Peirson StenoVirginia, USA 2022-23
 Julia Emerson (Co-Chair) Remote Captioning North Carolina, USA  2022-23

The committee shall develop, maintain, and update the organization’s educational materials that will be of interest to our members and followers. The subject matter may include, but is not limited to, updates and trends in captioning, technology, accessibility, and other topics related to Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing culture or issues. This may include online materials shared by other advocacy and governmental organizations. The committee will be instrumental in developing the continuing education opportunities offered by the Global Alliance, to include webinars, on-demand videos for our YouTube channel, as well as our revenue-generating video library. The committee will prepare submissions to “call for proposals” for industry-related conferences. The committee will be responsible for creating regular communication with the membership and compiling content for the monthly electronic newsletter. There shall be a subcommittee responsible for posting to and moderating the organization’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)..


 Member Name Captioning/Method State/Country


 Sebrina Crosby (Co-Chair) StenoAlabama, USA  2022-23
 Kimberly Shea (Co-Chair) StenoTexas, USA 2022-23
 Jennifer Peirson Steno Virginia, USA2022-23
 Lukasz Dutka Voice  Poland2022-23
 Chelle Wyatt Consumer/Advocate Utah, USA2022-23
 Orla Pearson Steno England 2022-23

This task force is a multi-year data-gathering and caption-monitoring project to evaluate broadcast captioning quality using the NER model. Data will be gathered via local sources across the U.S.

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