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    • 27 Jan 2023
    • 31 Dec 2023

    As a current member of the Global Alliance, refer a colleague, friend, employer or employee to join as a new member.

    Once the new member completes payment [and confirms the name of the referring member], the referring member’s renewal date is extended by one month. Refer 12 new members and you receive one year of free membership!

    There is no limit to how many months of free membership you can receive

    Ways to recruit new members:

    ● Send a personalized email or have a discussion with colleagues, friends and employers.

    ● Follow the Global Alliance social media channels and share, retweet or start a conversation.

    ● The member who refers the most New Members will be recognized at CapCom ’23, our annual event that brings together the Captioning Community.


Past events

9 Nov 2022 Board of Directors Meeting
5 Nov 2022 Walk4Hearing Arizona - Participate or Donate
17 Aug 2022 Board of Directors Meeting
6 Aug 2022 CapCom 2022: Global Alliance Anniversary
13 Jul 2022 CapCom '22: Fitness FUNraiser Challenge
11 Jul 2022 Empower Hour: How Do Relay Calls Work?
5 Jul 2022 Hearing Loss Live: Talk about it Tuesday
6 Apr 2022 Rocky Mountain Chapter Virtual Training - "Why Does Website Accessibility Apply to Me?"
25 Feb 2022 Global Alliance Empower Hour for Medical Professionals
24 Feb 2022 FCC Disability Advisory Committee Meeting
23 Feb 2022 The Zero Project Conference – ZeroCon22
1 Feb 2022 2022 Virtual African American Conference on Disabilities (AACD)
31 Jan 2022 The NER-Certified Speech-to-Text Provider certification is ready!
21 Dec 2021 Empower Hour: The NER Model Explained
7 Dec 2021 HLAA Webinar: Creating a community that brings together consumers and industry
2 Dec 2021 FCC - Video Programming Accessibility Forum – Online Closed Captioning
30 Nov 2021 Global Alliance Empower Hour: Giving Tuesday
3 Nov 2021 HLAA Webinar: Which Method of Realtime Captioning is Appropriate: Stenographic, Voice or Automatic Speech Recognition?
30 Aug 2021 HLAA Webinar - SMBC Unique: Panel on Networking with Hearing Loss
17 Aug 2021 Equitable Access: Technology Bridging the Employment Gap For the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community
11 Aug 2021 Global Alliance Board Meeting
5 Aug 2021 CapCom 2021
27 Jul 2021 New Perspectives Webinar: Technology Bridging the Gap For the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
26 Jul 2021 Hearing Access & Inclusion Conference
24 Jun 2021 HLAA Virtual Convention 2021
23 Jun 2021 Opening Doors - Unlocking Potential 2021: Engagement, Emotion, and Equity in the E-learning Era
13 Jun 2021 Hearing Loss Association of America: Walk 4 Hearing
12 Jun 2021 Hearing Loss Association of America: Walk 4 Hearing
3 Jun 2021 DIG Conference & Expo
25 May 2021 Hearing Loss Association of America Will Convene an Externally-Led Patient-Focused Drug Development (PFDD) Virtual Meeting on Sensorineural Hearing Loss
5 May 2021 Shifting Perspectives/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Panel
29 Apr 2021 Global Alliance Webinar Series Presentation: Voice Captioning for Educators, Students & Professionals
20 Mar 2021 Global Alliance Webinar Series: Sports Captioning Success: Learn from the Pros
10 Mar 2021 HLAA Webinar - Hearing Accessibility and the Law: Your Rights and How to Obtain Them
18 Feb 2021 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Disability Advisory Committee Meeting
11 Feb 2021 Global Alliance Webinar Series: Captioning in a World With No Prep
1 Feb 2021 ATIA 2021 Presentation: Which Method of Realtime Captioning is Appropriate: Stenographic, Voice or ASR?
25 Jan 2021 Global Alliance Webinar Series: Know Your Audience (realtime captioning from a consumer’s perspective)
25 Jan 2021 ATIA 2021 Week 1
22 Jan 2021 Global Alliance 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM)
3 Dec 2020 Interlingual Subtitling With and Without an Interpreter; A Respeaker’s Perspective
20 Nov 2020 Innovation and Software: Tools for Realtime and Post-Production Captioning

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