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    • 2 Dec 2021
    • 1:00 PM - 3:45 PM
    • Online Only

    The FCC’s Media Bureau and Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau will co-host this Forum. Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel will welcome Forum participants. Senator Ed Markey will deliver keynote remarks.

    Consumers currently access video programming from providers that range from traditional entities, such as broadcasters and multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs), to a growing number of online streaming service providers, including those that operate social media platforms. This Forum will explore....

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    • 7 Dec 2021
    • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    Have you ever wanted to engage with technology developers and help shape technologies to better fit your needs? The Industry-Consumer Alliance for Accessible Technology (ICAAT) is creating an online community of consumers and industry to inspire more accessible, innovative and responsive technologies that meet the needs of consumers with hearing loss. We will show you how to join ICAAT’s online community where you can access and participate in discussions about a wide range of technology topics and issues, explore and share resources and learn about technology-related events. We will also preview future ICAAT offerings, including a marketplace of industry services, user stories about consumer needs and training opportunities. Find out more here and register...

    • 1 Feb 2022
    • 17 Feb 2022
    • Online

    The African American Conference on Disabilities is the premiere comprehensive disability conference in the United States that addresses the intersection between race and disabilities. The conference examines avenues for self-advocacy to ensure the effective provision of services, resources, and enforcement of civil rights in the African American and disability communities.

    The conference is a FREE event with 12 highly informative workshops. Registration information for the 2022 conference will be available in the next few weeks.

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Past events

30 Nov 2021 Global Alliance Empower Hour: Giving Tuesday
3 Nov 2021 HLAA Webinar: Which Method of Realtime Captioning is Appropriate: Stenographic, Voice or Automatic Speech Recognition?
30 Aug 2021 HLAA Webinar - SMBC Unique: Panel on Networking with Hearing Loss
17 Aug 2021 Equitable Access: Technology Bridging the Employment Gap For the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community
11 Aug 2021 Global Alliance Board Meeting
5 Aug 2021 CapCom 2021
27 Jul 2021 New Perspectives Webinar: Technology Bridging the Gap For the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
26 Jul 2021 Hearing Access & Inclusion Conference
24 Jun 2021 HLAA Virtual Convention 2021
23 Jun 2021 Opening Doors - Unlocking Potential 2021: Engagement, Emotion, and Equity in the E-learning Era
13 Jun 2021 Hearing Loss Association of America: Walk 4 Hearing
12 Jun 2021 Hearing Loss Association of America: Walk 4 Hearing
3 Jun 2021 DIG Conference & Expo
25 May 2021 Hearing Loss Association of America Will Convene an Externally-Led Patient-Focused Drug Development (PFDD) Virtual Meeting on Sensorineural Hearing Loss
5 May 2021 Shifting Perspectives/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Panel
29 Apr 2021 Global Alliance Webinar Series Presentation: Voice Captioning for Educators, Students & Professionals
20 Mar 2021 Global Alliance Webinar Series: Sports Captioning Success: Learn from the Pros
10 Mar 2021 HLAA Webinar - Hearing Accessibility and the Law: Your Rights and How to Obtain Them
18 Feb 2021 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Disability Advisory Committee Meeting
11 Feb 2021 Global Alliance Webinar Series: Captioning in a World With No Prep
1 Feb 2021 ATIA 2021 Presentation: Which Method of Realtime Captioning is Appropriate: Stenographic, Voice or ASR?
25 Jan 2021 Global Alliance Webinar Series: Know Your Audience (realtime captioning from a consumer’s perspective)
25 Jan 2021 ATIA 2021 Week 1
22 Jan 2021 Global Alliance 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM)
3 Dec 2020 Interlingual Subtitling With and Without an Interpreter; A Respeaker’s Perspective
20 Nov 2020 Innovation and Software: Tools for Realtime and Post-Production Captioning

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