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Board Elections January 2021

Board Elections January 2021 Candidates

The Nominations Committee of the Global Alliance of Speech-to-Text Captioning has selected candidates for four Board of Directors seats. We would like to thank all candidates willing to stand for election.  Each elected candidate shall serve a two-year term beginning in 2021 ( 2021 - 2023). The election period will end on January 21, 2021 at 23:59 (EDT). 

All active Global Alliance members will receive an email containing voting instructions. Members will simply click on the link provided in the email to cast their anonymous votes.  If you are a Global Alliance member and did not receive the election email check your Spam /Junk folder and contact us at info@speechtotextcaptioning.org

Four Director Positions  (2021-2023)


Ken Frommert has been President of ENCO since 2017 after a successful multi-year run as General Manager. Ken has grown ENCO’s vision from a leading radio automation supplier to a multi-faceted international manufacturer for broadcast and AV systems, including the development of live audio playout and automated captioning innovations. He has been involved in automated captioning since 2004 and continues to be passionate about the technology and its future.


Michele Michaels, B.A., CPM, is the Hard of Hearing Program Manager for the State of Arizona at the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing (ACDHH).

Michele began working in the field of hearing loss 26 years ago after a 12-year career in broadcasting. A hard of hearing person herself and the daughter of a parent who progressively lost her hearing, Michele understands the challenges and opportunities inherent in hearing loss. Michele graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Human Communication and a minor in Anthropology from Arizona State University.

In 2011 she graduated from ASU’s Certified Public Manager program. Michele serves as the Secretary on the Board of the national Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program Association (TEDPA) and is a member of the national HLAA Get in the Hearing Loop Committee. She is a member of the Arizona Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging: Aging in Community Committee and holds a position on the Speech and Hearing Professionals Advisory Committee at the Arizona Department of Health Services.


Nikki Hare is a voicewriter from Birmingham, Alabama. She graduated from the College of Court Reporting in 2016. Immediately her heart was drawn to CART captioning. Working as an independent captioner for several agencies throughout the United States, she captions for a variety of university students as well as various news, entertainment, sports and corporate meetings. While a young professional, she sees the need for quality captioning services and wants to do her part in providing communication access to everyone.


Łukasz Dutka is a live subtitler (live captioner), interpreter, audiovisual translator and expert in media accessibility. He works as a lecturer at the University of Warsaw, Poland, and sits on the Management Board of Dostepni.eu, a local accessibility services provider.

Łukasz has been teaching courses on audiovisual translation, subtitling, subtitling for the Deaf and the hard-of-hearing, live subtitling, and conference interpreting at the University of Warsaw, Poland and several other universities across Poland and Lithuania.

He worked in a number of research projects on issues including reading speed in TV subtitling (“SDH for Digital Television”, 2014-2016), respeaking ("Respeaking - process, competences, quality", 2016- 2018) and interlingual live subtitling (“ILSA, Interlingual Live Subtitling for Access”, 2018- 2020). With the ILSA project Łukasz co-authored guidelines on implementing live subtitling at live events, in education and on TV, available at: http://ka2- ilsa.webs.uvigo.es/guidelines/

In 2012, Łukasz became an in-house subtitler for Polish public broadcaster TVP and was responsible for semi-live subtitling of news broadcasts. Then he joined Dostepni.eu and together with the company's founder, Monika Szczygielska, Łukasz pioneered live subtitling through respeaking in Poland with first accessible political and social events in 2013, first interlingual live subtitling in 2015 (canonization mass of Pope John Paul II in Rome) and first Polish television broadcast with live subtitling through respeaking in 2017 (the “Dancing with the Stars” season featuring a Deaf participant).

In 2013, he set up a company to provide subtitling for TV and surtitling for theatres. He also worked with a number of localization companies and content producers including SDI Media. Since 2015, he has worked as a subtitler and localization quality consultant for PLINT (formerly Nordisk Undertext), an audiovisual localization services provider based in Sweden, mainly on its projects serving video streaming platforms.

In 2018, Łukasz started training live subtitlers for Dostepni.eu, including respeakers and live correctors that then went on to work providing accessibility at live events. In 2019, he joined the Management Board of Dostepni.eu and helped setup a live subtitling unit for Polsat, the biggest private broadcaster in Poland.

Łukasz alternates between Warsaw, Poland, and the Canary Islands, Spain. He speaks Polish, English and Spanish with a little bit of Italian and Portuguese. He does not speak Swedish that (thanks to his partner) echoes through their home. Łukasz loves open water swimming and he is addicted to reading the news.

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