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Shannon Tyree

Shannon tyree, secretary (2022-2023)

I read. I have to read. I have to read if I want to understand. And so, I have for a long time professed my love of speech to text. “Captions are my life,” is my frequent saying, because it’s literally how I get all my information. Right now, it’s personal. But as a board member, this would be my opportunity to dedicate time and effort to something that is meaningful to me. Helping to do what I can to push the needle a little closer to the mission outlined by the Alliance is something I can truly get behind as a consumer. And as someone who took an exam and was certified in my field, I understand how it cements your commitment to, and demonstrates to others, superior professionalism and upholding/improving industry standards. These features lend credibility to anyone or any entity interested in the Global Alliance and its mission, thus making it much easier to validate the Global Alliance’s efforts. Whether those are  legislative initiatives, developing a network, or even marketing and public relations initiatives.

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