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CAPTIONING IN A WORLD WITH NO PREP - Recorded February 11, 2021

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In a perfect world, captioners would receive all the information and specialized vocabulary needed for each event. As the industry struggles to keep up with the high demand for services, a world with no prep is starting to become the norm. Providing good realtime is possible in a variety of situations, and is not necessarily contingent upon whether we receive prep in advance. It's a matter of adapting our writing and simplifying our processes for each job. To remain competitive, our approach needs to change. Simplifying our writing and procedures gives us an advantage when faced with challenging, on-the-fly captioning situations. This webinar will provide a framework for evaluating your procedures before every job and how you can maximize your realtime potential by reducing mental burden. Chair Stephen Clark has been a stenographic writer since 1985. After 12 years as a court reporter, he transitioned to broadcast captioning, and eventually to CART captioning. Steve specializes in stadium captioning and theater captioning. Training captioners to work with new remote platforms is a passion of his, particularly now when we are all working remotely. Steve is the Chair of the Global Alliance Board of Directors and a Founding Member. Speaker Josh Foley began providing remote captioning for academic classes in 2011. He then moved on to broadcast captioning and remote CART. Josh worked for three years providing onsite captioning in Washington, D.C. for various universities and government agencies. Josh has mentored and trained numerous students and new captioners. In 2016, Josh moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he now works full time providing captioning services for a consumer who works in public health. Captioner Teresa Johnson

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