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  • The NER-Certified Speech-to-Text Provider certification is ready!

The NER-Certified Speech-to-Text Provider certification is ready!

  • 31 Jan 2022

With two years in the making, our certification program has launched.  The Global Alliance was founded with the idea that there would be a certification that accurately assessed a captioner's skills.

"Time has flown by and January 2022 is here!  Steve [Clark] and I have met our goal.  The NCSP certification is now available!” says Chris Ales, co-chair of the Certification/Assessment Committee. “Without the support of the task force -- Ken Frommert, Lukasz Dutka, Josh Foley, and Deanna Baker --  we would not have met our goal of a January 2022 rollout.”

Pablo Romero-Fresco, Founding Member and former director, and Chris Ales, Founding Member and former Secretary, brought the prospect of the NER model to the Global Alliance as the model to accurately assess realtime captioning, accounting for the nuances of the job.  There were many ideas, emails flying back and forth, meetings -- lots and lots of meetings -- to flesh out every detail.  Finally, it is complete.

"The assessment process is complete, documents have been prepared, and we've already had our first candidate take the assessment," says Ales.

Register today to earn your NCSP certification!  Learn about it on our Webpage.  If you don’t know what the NER model is, watch our Webinar

This does not mean that the work is complete. The Committee is still developing Levels II and III.  We have not set a date to offer these levels, so follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) for announcements.  

Ales spreads her excitement, “Steve and I hope you are as excited as we are, and we're looking forward to many members of the Global Alliance signing up for their certification."

It is with immense gratitude that we thank Chris Ales and Steve Clark, and the entire committee, for the endless hours of work to get the Global Alliance to this point.  It truly could not have been done without them.

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