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CapCom Social Media Challenge

  • 1 Jul 2023
  • 1 Aug 2023

CapCom Social Media Challenge

Take part in our Social Media Challenge!

Have Fun, Win Prizes, and Spread the Word


1.       Present, display, or advocate for captioning to a random public audience in an unusual, creative, entertaining, or exciting way. Have fun with this!

2.       Must include promotion of both the GA and captioning

3.       Record a live video of the occasion – 2-3 minutes is all we need

4.       Post the video to your Social Media page(s) and tag the GA page. ( @globalcaptioning for Facebook, @gcaptioning for Twitter & Instagram)

5.       Include appropriate HashTags (#CapCom, #GlobalAlliance, #SpeechToText, #Captioning, #QualityCaptions)

6.       Submission deadline is August 1, 2023

7.       The best videos win a prize!

 Sample Ideas/Examples:

Captioners – Set up in a public place (ala busking) and caption while interacting with curious people explaining what captioning is, who and how it benefits, and don’t forget the GA too.

Anyone -- Find a bar or restaurant with TVs showing sports (or whatever) WITHOUT captioning. Have a conversation with a manager, supervisor, or other employee about captioning and why it should be enabled. (Explaining the benefits, the audience, and the GA too!)

Help Us: As a non-profit, we depend on donations to achieve our goals. Your support is necessary and appreciated.  Donate here:  GoFundMe. Help us fight for quality captions for all! 

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