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Jennifer Schuck

Jennifer Schuck headshot

JENNIFER SCHUCK, Past Chair (2023-2024)

Jennifer Schuck is a 1993 graduate of MacCormac College, Elmhurst, Illinois. Beginning her career as a reporter doing judicial work, Jennifer’s long-term aspiration was to become a captioner.

After ten years of court reporting, Jennifer had the opportunity to receive training to transition from court reporting to captioning. In December of 2003, she left her freelance reporting position full-time to begin captioning and founded her captioning company, Caption Pros, based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

As President of her company, Jennifer and her team provide captioning for any venue, no matter how large or how small. She is an award-winning captioner and 14-year veteran of the captioning industry, thus committed to providing the best captioning for every consumer, whether one-on-one or in a convention center. You will likely find her walking through an airport with her equipment in tow.

She has served on numerous committees:

  • Member and chairperson, NCRA CART Community of Interest Committee
  • Member of the NCRA CRC Realtime Certification Committee
  • Chair of the Arizona Court Reporters Association’s CART committee
  • Co-chair of the Captioning Ethics Task Force, which created the ethical guidelines for captioners

Some of her achievements include:

  • Hearing Loss Association of America’s Chapter Professional award (2011)
  • Arizona Court Reporter Association’s Distinguished Service Award (2012)
  • Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters (Chicago 2016)
  • First place NCRA Realtime Q&A competition (Las Vegas 2017)
  • First Place Intersteno Speech Capturing – Speed competition (Berlin 2017)

Jennifer is passionate about making the spoken word accessible through captioning. As an advocate for those with hearing loss, she is a supporter of the Hearing Loss Association of America and her company sponsors the Arizona Walk4Hearing each year.

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